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Shoreline of the San Hike

Shoreline of the San Hike │27 – 31 October 2023

A Slack-packing all-inclusive experience where most of your basic necessities are provided, including meals plus very comfortable accommodation in the quaintest of West Coast settings.

Not only does this unexplored coastline offer pristine beaches, undiscovered coves, caves but even a labyrinth. This beautiful part of Africa also offers hikers the very unique opportunity to walk in the footprints of the San later followed by the Khoi people of South Africa – dating as far back as 30 000 years.

This five-day hiking trail of 50km includes sleepovers in Elands Bay, Lamberts Bay and Doringbaai, before ending in Strandfontein, which is located close to the Olifants River. The hike meanders through an untouched rocky and mostly sandy coastline.

Optimum planning is taken into consideration regarding the dates and strategic tidal planning. In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of easy walking, this hike is chosen to occur mostly at low tide for hikers to experience an easier walk on compacted sand vs soft sand. The organizers wish to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable beach walk on solid soil as opposed to the endurance testing and challenging walk on soft soil.

The Shoreline of the San is intended to be a slack-packing hike, where your luggage is transported from sleep over to sleep over. Hikers are expected to carry only their water and snacks for the day.

Hikers will have the opportunity to trek through territory where only a select few have hiked before! With special permission and access to private property, we are able to offer the untamed beauty of the West Coast. Peace of mind is ensured by the fact that help is always close at hand, especially when the need for access to a vehicle is required. Most of the historical sites of the San and Khoi are situated on private property and include caves, middens, bushman paintings and a variety of archaeological sites.

Qualified and registered Western Cape Tourist Guide(s) accompany the group at all times and are able to answer questions ranging from fauna and flora to history, traditions and fables!

This is slack packing at its best, offering so much more than a hike! For a true West Coast experience, join us on this most popular Shoreline of the San hike.

The event is finished.


Fri - Tue Oct 2023


All Day