Succulent Capital of the World

Vanrhynsdorp is the gateway to Namaqualand and on route to Namibia and the Richtersveld. Here too, is the path to the Hantam Karoo and the Cederberg. This is famous as flowerland, but there’s so much more to see and do.

Vanrhynsdorp is situated on the Troe-Troe River and was once an outspan for travellers. The settlement became known as Troe-Troe and was renamed Vanrhynsdorp in 1881 in honour of local dignitary Petrus Benjamin van Rhyn. The town is a commercial centre for the region and services a large sheep farming district.

The area surrounding Vanrhynsdorp incorporates the Koebee, a region of natural beauty as well as historical interest. War records of 1901 show the movement of troops across the plains and skirmishes between Boer commandos and British soldiers who used the thick bush and mountains in attempts to gain the advantage.

Vanrhynsdorp itself lays claim to a number of unique characteristics. Among them, it is the only rural village in South Africa with seven registered succulent nurseries.
Places worth a visit include the town’s first church; the old goal, which incorporates a succulent nursery, old war graves, museum and exploring the Gifberg mountain, In absence of city lights, enthusiastic star-gazers from around the world have been enchanted by the heavenly displays at night. Even to the naked eye, the starry show is spectacular.

Did you know?

Reflecting the region’s rich history of missionary work, the town is also home to the only catholic church where original Afrikaans inscriptions appear alongside its murals. The restored church still has its original wooden benches; organ dating from the early 1900s; and, fountain.

Many miss out on the earthy magic of the space; to busy blasting along the N7 heading for Namibia or the Richtersveld. But those in the know watch for the Maskam massif rising up in the east as soon as they trip past Klawer. The landscape entices your to get out of your car and feel the gravel of the ground under your feet.

Heed mother nature and go wander through the Bossie veld to climb a koppie or two. Maybe saddle up and grind and granny gear up a gravel pass, or deep dive into a Canyon to escape the madding crowd. Revelling in sublime stargazing, or chilling by the fire side while the nocturnal symphony of the Namaqua Toads and Nightjars soothes your senses.


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