Namaqua West Coast Flower Routes

The flower season is a completely natural occurrence affected by the vagaries of climate. It usually starts at the end of July and comes to an end early in October. Winter rainfall patterns have a direct impact on the quality and duration of the season while hot easterly winds can shorten the lifespan of the blooms.

Experience the magic of the Namaqua and West Coast regions in full bloom. The flower season runs from July until late October, but peak viewing periods and blooming areas are weather dependent. The winter rains and prevailing winds influence where and when the best blooms occur. Normally, the first floral displays can be seen up north with the spread of flowers moving south as the season continues.

Suggestions when viewing flowers:

  • The rainfall and the absence of warm berg winds determine the duration of the flower season (mass and quality). Nature does not take orders from anyone!
  • Experience the full beauty of the flowers between 11:00 and 15:00 during the warmest part of the day.
  • Flowers turn their faces towards the sun. The sun should therefore be behind you when you view the flowers.
  • Never remove plants, bulbs or flowers from the veld – it is illegal to do so.

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