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Nuwefonteinskop Lodge Info/Booking Office (Vanrhynsdorp)

This office is your gateway to Vanrhynsdorp’s vibrant tourism scene. Our friendly consultant is dedicated to assisting you with any tourism-related inquiry, going above and beyond to ensure you have a memorable experience. Whether you need guidance on planning your journey to Nuwefonteinskop in Kotzesrus or seeking recommendations for local attractions, we’re here to help. Please stop by our office for personal assistance and confidently embark on your adventure.

Trading hours:
Mon – Fri
08:00 – 17:00

Contact information:
+27 (0) 27 531 1018
+27 (0) 74 885 2931

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Kokerboom Nursery (Vanrhynsdorp)
1st Principles Distilleries (Vredendal)

Manufacturing craft spirits from 1st Principles. The desire to minimize our footprint married to the magnificent West Coast weather resulted in a unique Solar Heated Distillation Process. In keeping with the crafting traditions, we try and produce our ingredients onsite or use botanicals and all infusions and extractions are also done onsite. Our craft gins are manufactured using a grain alcohol base, vapor infused with a combination of fresh and dried botanicals.

Book a gin experience anytime from 09:00 – 16:00 Mondays to Saturdays. A unique distillery tour & experience with cocktails and more!

027 213 2431
076 132 5614

Namaqua Olives & Olive Oil PTY (Vredendal)

Locally produces olives & olive oil. This Valley, mostly known for its wines, has recently been unlocked for its great potential & terroir to grow olives. The Avenant family, who until recently only harvested grapes for the local wine industry, embarked upon a new adventure growing olives & producing the finest quality extra virgin olive oil in these unique semi-desert climate conditions. Contact Charmaine & Bennie for details as to where their product is available or for direct purchases.

083 650 1615

Beehive Studios (Vredendal)

Local woman, mostly parents of children that attend the rural school, Steilhoogte near Klawer creates unique home décor items. From pillows, aprons, table runners, etc. with the most beautiful patterns. All are locally handmade from organic, sustainable materials. Contact them for your order which can also be custom-made. Visit their quaint shop in Vredendal.

078 686 1224

Nieuwoudtville Information Office

Known as the ‘Bulb Capital of the World’, Nieuwoudtville is a must-see. With over 1300 species of plants. This charming village with its sandstone buildings will take you back in time. Come August & September, Nieuwoudtville and the surroundings are an abundance of color and activity, with flower routes, hiking trails, Quiver trees, and waterfalls. For more info and listings of accommodation go to www.nieuwoudtville.com.

027 218 1336

House of Rooibos (Clanwilliam)

The House of Rooibos in Clanwilliam is a chance to pass and smell the Rooibos in all their shapes, colors, and forms. House of Rooibos offers a range of Rooibos products. Visit the House of Rooibos and enjoy our tea-tasting rooms, shop, and information center. Enjoy a delicious Rooibos tea tasting. At House of Rooibos, you can expect more than just a cup of warm Rooibos tea to soothe your senses. Cosmetic ranges like the African Extracts Advantage Range, African Extracts Classic Range, Marice, Natural Collection Range, Nature’s Essence, Rooibos soaps, and Storytellers products can also be purchased.

066 115 7749

Support our Local Community

Doringbaai Development Trust (Doringbaai)

Doringbaai Development Trust is there to generate income that will be used to the advantage of the wider community. The income will be used according to the trust’s three focus points namely: Economic Development, Social Development, and the Development of the environment.

The Abalone Farm project:

Doring Bay Abalone is an equity project that belongs to emerging farmers/ beneficiaries who are community representatives. The community through the shareholding of Auburn Malakaza and the trust owns 65% of the business. Premier’s Entrepreneurship Recognition awards hard work, resourcefulness and honest entrepreneurship will always be awarded, and this was recently emphasized when the Abalone Farm won in the category for “best job creating a business”.

027 215 1798
027 215 1107


Desiree Brand Kuns & Kalligrafie (Vredendal)

Desriee Brand, plaaslike kunstenaar, deel haar liefde vir kuns met die gemeenskap. Elke maand bied sy Kuns- en inleiding tot Italic Kalligrafie klasse vir beginners aan. Kontak haar vir datums en kostes.

073 229 5093

Spirit of Endeavor Fisher Folk Women (Doringbaai)

Art & Craft, Catering, Plants & Seeds, Homemade pickles, Roosterbrood braai

071 509 1874


Vredendal Signs

Vredendal Signs does digital printing, any signage, vinyl cuts, vehicle branding, and promotional items. We also have a new division, Vredendal Workwear, where we stock clothing. We also have an embroidery service and stock Strassberger shoes. A camping section has recently been added to the Vredendal Signs franchise. Visit them for all your camping needs!

027 213 2273
084 249 0439



P.O. Box 1000,
3 Church Street, Vredendal, 8160

+27 (0) 27 201 3376

24-hour line: 082 608 7554