The Weskus is a ‘vibe’.

It is a world apart, with a diversity of people and spaces like nowhere else on the planet.

From the rocky outcrops of the Cederberg to the reef breaks in Lambert’s Bay, from Farmer Burger’s bungalows to seafood platters on a jetty, this is where you go to immerse yourself in all that is good.

There is a warmth and hospitality that resonates throughout the region and the people will welcome you with open arms, always ready for a ‘lekker kuier’, armed with stories of years gone by.

The Weskus is a place of rugged beauty and earthy charms, but there is also a burgeoning arts scene, a strong cultural movement and plenty of options for lovers of adventure and those looking for something a little more luxurious. You may think you have the Weskus covered, but it will always surprise you with something different. Find your space, find yourself, and Get in a Good Space in the Weskus.

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